12 October 2010

Family Block

I was in Ohio last week, and my parents have torn out a wall in one of their bedrooms therefore leaving a ton of 2x4's just sitting in the garage! Couldn't let those go to waste...so me and my sister decided to make some blocks. We made them just like I did the "Boo Blocks." Cut out your scrapbook paper to fit the blocks (layers as many as you like-we used just 2), mod podge them on, add your letters (we used a Circut, but you can print off computer, hand-cut, whatever). Then antique or destress the edges. I glued my together so they are one big block but you don't have to do that. Here's a pic--thought it turned out super cute! Shellee, post yours so we can see them too!


  1. Way cute! I have some wood all ready to do the word autumn, I just gotta get some cute paper now! I was thinking of doing a different 6 letter word on the back so I could use it more..maybe I'll do family! The pumpkins are super cute too!

  2. SUPER CUTE.....you have inspired me to cut lots of 2x4's and make something fun!! you are just full of fun ideas lately..nice work!