08 October 2010

A Little Message

Just a few little somethings:
First off, once again...totally blown away by the creativity we got goin' up in hurrrrr. Love. It. 
Wanted to remind you to post your sewing projects for Sew Saturday. I do have a sewing project to share but will be posting it late because we are flying home tomorrow. Can't wait to see what you've been sewing!
Also, I hope its okay with you but I have been linking up some of your projects to some major craft blogs out there. Just trying to share the love and plus, I love to brag about you guys. 
And lastly, if you are wondering who is posting what (I've gotten a few questions) it will say who postin' at the bottom of the post by the date, comment link, etc. There are ladies on here from North Carolina to Utah to Missouri!! And I know we all don't know eachother personally but isn't fun to connect on a crafty level? Just wanted to thank you guys for participating and keep it up because there's some buzzzzz about us in blog-land--you guys rock. 


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  2. Just a shout out from Washington, too.

  3. I have a sewing post for tomorrow too. Yee Haw.