06 October 2010

Halloween word collage, Boo blocks, and Pumpkins

This collage was super cheap and easy to make. Turned out pretty cute I think! I just painted a gift box black, cut everything out of white cardstock with the cricut using my Sure Cuts A Lot program, mod podged each letter on (that was the tedious part, maybe you could do it some other way??), then mod podged over the entire thing. Simple and cute! You could hang it on the wall or just have it sitting somewhere. Mine is sitting on my mantle:)

I made some Boo blocks like Laura did in a post down below. I did mine on a 2 x 4 since that's all I had. To make them i just painted the wood black, cut paper, cut letters, inked the letters, and mod podged it all on!

I copied these cute pumpkins from the link 'easy wooden pumpkins' over on the side bar! Check them out! Once again, easy and cute:)

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  1. Tina---you rock my socks. These are fantastic!!! I'm blown away, thanks for posting!