25 September 2010

Sew Saturday...I Spy Bean Bags

We're doing these for Super Saturday and I'm in charge so here's my first attempt. I like how it turned out. Here's how to do it: take a square of vinyl and a square of fabric (I used flannel) and straight stitch them together with the wrong side of the fabric facing out and leaving a space open at the top. I would definitely sew around all the corners and leave your space in the middle open, it makes things much easier when you are closing up. Flip the fabric/vinyl inside out. Fill the bag a little more than half way with poly pellets ( I got mine at Michaels). Add things for your kids to "spy". Make sure that you keep a list of what goes inside. Some ideas: foam beads (they have all kinds of cute styles of these like sports, animals, letters), buttons, jewels, googly eyes. My favorite thing that went in mine were buttons that I taped mini pictures of people's faces (Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad). I tried to take a picture of those, but it didn't turn out. Be creative and have fun!
This isn't the best picture, but this was a super easy craft that you could easily do in half an hour or less!

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