24 September 2010

BOO Blocks!

I made some "Boo Blocks" for my mom as a Halloween gift (surprise, mom!). She is always making me cute things so I thought it would be fun to have something cute for Halloween. Here is the tutorial--->

4x4 blocks (or any size you want, really. I cut mine myself and do not advise to do so, but you can buy pre-cut at any craft store or have Home Depot cut some for you. And yes, I meant for them to be uneven-ha!). 
Scrapbook paper of your choice (I got some Halloween paper but your could just use Halloween colors)
Spray paint color of your choice ( I used flat black)
Pre-cut letters (thanks Meghanne for the Cricket usage. PS. A cricket is the only thing on my Christmas list this year...me want).

Cut out your paper to slightly smaller than you block. I did two layers of different color. Glue these down and then add your letters. I sanded the edges a little to add a de-stressed look. Then mod podge over that and add any little embellishments you would like-I added a few glittery spider stickers. 

Here they are!
Can go both ways...which is fun....

You really can do this idea with any saying you like. Its simple and cheap. This project was about $11. It was fun and I loved how they turned out! Have fun

And did you see this? One of our posts was show-cased on a big time craft blog site with over 2,000 followers...awesome! :)


  1. Ha! I was totally making these before i even saw this post! Great minds think alike! Pretty sure I even have the same halloween paper too! So cute!

  2. SUPER SUPER CUTE! love how they turned out! and very awesome that the 2x4 pumpkins were highlighted on a popular craft blog....way to go!!