20 December 2012

Alphabet Pillow

More pillows!
They're easy and make a lot of difference in a room for some reason.
My kids like to throw them at each other, but whatever.

I typed up the alphabet, chose a desired font and size, printed it out, and traced it onto my fabric.
I then googled "embroidery stitches" to learn how to embroider correctly.
There are so many tutorials and ways to embroider.
Of course I picked the easiest.

I assembled my pillows using the envelope method.
Tutorial for that found here that Mary posted a while ago.
I've got a few other projects to post, but they are gifts, so it will have to wait until after Christmas!
Oh, but by the way I will be having a baby a week after Christmas, so yeah. That might take priority.
Hope all your Christmas projects are done and wrapped and under a tree!

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