13 February 2012

Last Minute Valentine's Ideas

I slapped this stuff together in less than an hour for Valentine's tomorrow. It's also my husband's birthday, so I love spoiling him. I thought these were cute ideas, while still keeping it pretty inexpensive.

 I just whipped this baby up. I thought a handprint would be fun, and glitter always makes it more fun. I sprinkled it on when it was wet. Then I just sewed the fabric scrap on. I used my embroidery foot and lowered my feed dogs in my sewing machine to write the words. It's not perfect, but I like it that way. It looks more like my daughter wrote it I think :) You could make this 5x7" and save it to frame and keep with your Valentines decorations each year too.

I originally saw the idea for this here. She gives a great tutorial. 

 This is how you get the threads from coming loose. Just pull the strings through to the other side of the card, then dab a bit of glue to hold them in place. I was thinking I could have covered this with a piece of card stock, because it looks a little messy, but I doubt my husband will even notice. 

 You could do a candy bouquet in a million different ways.  We did these over at a friends house the other night, and some of the ladies had canisters, or vases, or cool valentines cups (you can find them for cheap at Wal-Mart or the Dollar store). They decorated with scrapbook paper, ric rac, and ribbon. I kept it simple in a mason jar. Very manly, I might say.

I put a foam cone in the bottom of the jar, then filled it with tissue paper. Then I just skewered or hot glued his favorite candy, and added some decorations and that was it. You could do other little toys, or love notes or whatever. 

Happy Valentines!
Hope you all get to spend it with someone you love!

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