30 December 2011

Christmas Projects

 I took on some holiday quilting projects this year. I'm making the rounds with sibling Christmas gifts, and this year was my brother's turn. 

 The pattern is called a snowball block. It comes together really fast! I wanted it pretty scrappy and casual.

 The back is pieced. PS, I love the apples and cherries on this print. They live in Washington state, so it was perfect for them.

 I also attempted this stocking pattern I found online. I made some minor changes, but it's almost like the original. I love these prints.

 To embroider my daughter's name, I just used a heat transfer pencil then did a backstitch around the letters.

Easy peasy. So fun. 


  1. I'm super impressed by the quilt. It's beautiful!

  2. Those are adorable...as usual! :) Great job!