03 November 2011

Crayon Pouch

Here is a quick and easy gift idea. We whipped this up last minute before our little friend's birthday party.

The background is a rectangle of grey felt 12 x 5 inches.
The pockets are made with blue felt, 12 x 2.25 (bottom) and 12 x 1.5 (top) 
Each crayon pocket is sewn 1.25 inches apart.

For fastening, I sewed a button and cut a button hole. (It's felt so you don't even need to hem the button hole. That's why I love this stuff.)

Then when you roll it up...

Ta da! It stays fastened.

The little boy is the sixth child in his family, so his initials sewn onto it will make sure everyone knows whose crayons these are. It's not perfectly done, but I don't think he will mind too much.

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