27 October 2011

last minute halloween decor!

So I like to keep you on the edge of your seat...waiting for a post about Halloween decor. Well, not really. I couldn't find the cord to our camera for weeks! I found it and am posting now so sorry. 

Here is a bunch of SUPER easy and quick Halloween decorations you can do in just minutes...or else I wouldn't have done them.
I saw this one on a blog and modified it. 
Get a canvas of your choice, paint orange..or any color of your pleasing. I used my Silhouette to cut out "spooky" and glued those down and then added some Halloween ribbon on the side. Easy!
Another easy one...especially if you have a Silhouette or you can hand-cut these out too.
These shapes came from a free font I found online, I poked a hole through them with a larger needle and hung them up on our "mantle" in our living room. Marshall loves these!
I did this one a while ago..and it took a little more time than the others but I love how it turned out. Cute but a little spooky too. I got the idea from here and tweaked it to make it my own. Fun stuff.
Made another super easy and quick table runner...its double sided too. Which is handy!
I just get 1/3 yard of 2 holiday fabrics, lay them out un-patterned sides together, trim any fabric so they are even and then pin it and sew. I then snip the edges to it will fray in the wash. You could add some batting if you like but this works fine and its cheap too!
Me and Marshall had a lot of fun making these and they have been a daily hit! Every morning we look outside at the ghosts in the tree! 
I just took a white trash bag, cut it in fourths, took paper towels for the head, wrapped the bag around that and tied it down with a ribbon. Then we added the faces with a permanent marker. I then did a single stitch with string through the top of the ghost to hang on the tree. So easy and fun especially when they blow in the wind...spppppppoooooky!
And lastly, the mummy pumpkin!
Easy as it looks. Just get some gauze and googly-eyes. Wrap the pumpkin and hot glue the eyes on. 
I found this white pumpkin at Walmart...and the idea on pinterest.

Well, there's an over-load of Halloween decor for you but they are easy and could be done in a day! Fun for kids too!

Hope you guys have a great Halloween...and stay safe!

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