02 September 2011

Wool Felt Hair Accessories

I made these a long time ago, but I keep forgetting to blog it. I love this blog, and found a pattern for these little flowers when I was preggo. I made them in just about every color.

She just attached them to her head like so:

But I found them hard to get on and off, so I put them on a headband instead.

Some tips:

I ordered real wool felt here. It looks way better than cheap crafty felt.

I ordered the fold over elastic here. I wish I would have ordered more. It's so cheap! I like the petite look better than the thick band, so I just folded it once and sewed along the edge to make it a skinny band.

Pretty easy. Happy crafting!


  1. Again...so cute!!! Baby and the craft! :)

  2. The bottom line with hair accessories is the fact that too much of a good thing can confuse the eye and make your do look garish. Simple hair accessories, on the other hand, can make a bold beauty statement that makes your hair the talk from the office or party.