23 September 2011

satin headbands

I know I'm waaaaay behind on this trend but my sister recently had a baby and decided to make a few of these cute, satin flower headbands. Super easy and very, very cute!

I don't have  step-by-step pictures but its really easy to explain....
1. Get yourself some satin fabric (Hob Lob has it cheap...fyi)
2. Cut out 4-5 circles in different sizes...biggest about the size of a small cookie and smallest the size of a 50 cent piece. 
3. Burn the edges with a lighter but be careful as to not burn it and turn it brown. This gives the edges a curled look.
4. Hot glue together. Biggest circle on the bottom, smallest on the top.
5. Add embellishment. Pearls you have to stitch on, I just hot glued the gems.
6. Hot glue to a stretchy headband, regular headband or alligator clip.
I added a little circle on the back to cover any extra glue and give it a more finished look.

Super easy! Have fun!

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