26 September 2011

Mr. Potato Head

 We have a whole Toy Story theme going on for our Halloween. My boy is Mr. Potato Head.

I started by making a simple potato costume.
 Here is a pillowcase pumpkin tutorial, but instead of using an orange pillowcase, I turned this old brown fabric into a pillowcase (with both ends open, unlike a pillowcase) and went from there.
I also didn't cut and sew out the crotch area like it suggests in the tutorial. I just hemmed the bottom and allowed for a tie that will tighten around his waste.

See? Then I just threaded a thin ribbon through the hem.

I cut out Mr. Potato Head face parts, stuffed them with batting, and sewed them closed.
Felt makes things so easy because you don't have to worry about raw edges or fraying.

I'm still thinking about a black hat and blue shoes...hmmm. Ideally my boy would wear those items, but 1.5 year olds can be so uncooperative when it comes to costumes.

The face stays on with velcro. My thought was that the kids can move the facial features around like you would a real Mr. Potato Head. You know, make a Picaso?

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