17 September 2011

Baby crafts

I'm not a huge pink fan, so our little girl's nursery is purple and brown. I apparently chose the hardest color combo in history because finding fabrics I like that match has been a bit of a challenge, but we have found some good stuff. Here are a few pictures of our little girl's room:
While my mom was here, she made some super cute changing pad covers. We had to do a photo shoot with Hadley. :)
This is the butterfly/balloon valance I did for her room. It was super, super easy. I just hemmed the fabric on three sides, did a simple casing for the top, and then sewed ribbon on both sides of the fabric and tied them at the bottom. The ribbon should only be sewed half way down in order to get that scalloped look (I forgot and attached it all the way down my fabric and then had a lot of stitch picking to do.)
The name display. :) I bought cheap frames at wal-mart and spray painted them. Then I hot glued fabric to the cardboard insert and put the frames back together. I cut the vinyl letters out with my silhouette and applied them to the glass. I'm really happy with how it turned out.
I have a few more things I'd like to do. Maybe those will end up here, too. Also, our little guy's room received a make over when we moved him into the spare room. I have a few finishing touches there as well and then I will share. It's been fun!

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