25 May 2011

"LOVE" Canvas Sign

I finally found my camera! And I made this canvas sign without it so I only have the finished product. So I will do my best to explain it...it really is super easy and took me about 40 minutes TOPS!

Supplies: Four 11x14 canvas, acrylic paint (color of your choice), brushes (I used a small roller brush) and stencil cut from Silhouette or you can hand cut them too. 

Here's how....
So, cut out your letters from your Silhouette. I used the type called, architect's daughter and did them about 8 inches tall. Horizontally lay out your canvas so they are touching and leveled (don't want your letters to be crooked), then take the actual letter (not the negative space) and use Elmer's Craft Bond Spray Adhesive to lightly place the letters on the canvas where you want them. When you hang up the canvases, they will be spaced out so I tried to place my letters somewhat over the cracks so it didn't look to balanced and give it more personality. * I also cut out some little birds and added to the corner of the canvas, you don't have to do this but its sure it cute and adds so much. Use whatever design you like---a demask cut-out would be really cute too!*

Then, go ahead and start painting. I started over the letters and did dabbed around them. Use as little of paint around the letters as you can because it is paper and when it gets wet I noticed it started to curl a bit. Once you get around your letters, go ahead and paint the rest of the canvas. I did about 2 coats to get it all even. You are pretty much done at this stage, but don't let it dry all the way before you take off your letters...they will dry with the canvas and it makes it hard to peel them off. When you hand it up just space them out about an inch and you are good to go!!!

This project took me by some serious surprise. I wasn't really expecting it to turn out so much and it really looks like something I could have bought at the store. My husband even raved about it for days and will still bring it up. This is so do-able and very affordable...cost me about $15.

Just a little step into getting this bedroom decorated...more to come!!!



  1. That is darling!!! I am dying to make this!!! We are your newest followers!


  2. Those look great! I love canvas!

  3. Laura this did turn out so cute. You are amazing with all your craftyness. (Too much time hangin out in the basement dodging tornados.:) Glad everyone is safe.)

  4. It looks beautiful! I have been wanting to find something like this to hang above my own bed. Now I can make it! Thanks for sharing.

  5. cute stuff. i need to start up some crafts been teaching too many yoga classes lately.