15 March 2011

Makeup Pouch

I followed the link from Mary's gathered clutch (I love that word: clutch), and found another awesome tutorial for this makeup bag found here.

It was really easy and I love finding two fabrics that complement each other. Linings are such a fun suprise when you open a bag.

Except I am going to use mine for crayons instead of makeup...

Here are some tips I found while making my bag that will help you, especially if you are a zipper virgin (which I was):

1. I couldn't find any 8" zippers so I bought a 9" zipper and cut my squares 10.5" x 8". No problemo.

2. When you get to the point where all four pieces are sewed onto the zipper, you have top stitched next to the zipper, and you are ready to sew it closed:  line up your zipper flaps and START YOUR NEEDLE AT THE ZIPPER. Sew down the lining fabric. Back stitch at the bottom middle spot where your opening will be. Then start your needle at the other side of the zipper. Again sew down the lining fabric and back stitch the other side of your opening. This makes the zipper ends line up gracefully. I love grace.

3. Now sew the exterior fabric closed. But before you do - OPEN THE ZIPPER! It will make flipping right side out a billion times easier.

4. When you box the corners of your exterior fabric, also box the corners of your interior fabric. That will make the fabrics lay together more harmoniously. I love harmony.


  1. That fabric is so cute! I feel like I can never find stuff with good prints. Where did you get it?

    Your finish work looks really good. Not homemade.

  2. the joannes here is a good one. especially right now, their fabrics are off the hook cute.

    hmmm. it doesn't look that good up close. i made a second one that is much better. i learned from my first mistakes. :)