31 March 2011


I totally got this idea from Mary who found the pattern here.

I tried and tried to get the birds to perch on branches, but it wasn't happening for me. Mary was able to make it work...maybe she'll post pictures of hers? :)

So instead I just hung them from the ceiling without the branches. I think it's still cute. Even cuter than that is when I hold up my little boy to touch them, they sway and spin around. He thinks it's hilarious.

(he shares a room with his sister, so there are still remenants of "girl" in here)

The pattern says to sew by hand, but I used my sewing machine. You will rarely catch me hand sewing. Also I left the tail as a raw edge. I like that it kind of looks feathery.

1 comment:

  1. I really like how you did them! Mine looks so much messier. It looks like they attached them to a branch using string/twine. I tried that, but I ended up just breaking out the hot glue. I'll post a pic.