13 February 2011

Repurposed Wine Bottles

I've been searching a for a simple and different project to use up some wine bottles.  I saw a photo of one spray painted with chalk board paint and used as a centerpiece that I thought was a great idea.  All you need are some empty bottles, chalk board paint(around $6 at any craft store), and some chalk.  

1) You'll need to soak the bottles in some hot water to removed any labels.  
2)Make sure they are completely dry on the outside before you paint them ( I used a blow dryer to dry them before and after painting). 
3) Make sure you spray the paint evenly all around using horizontal and vertical motions. The paint will look shiny before it dries, then it will be dull.
4) Make sure they paint is dry before writing on the bottles or it will scratch into the paint. 

I decided to use black paint, and I had a few bottles that were colored that I liked so I decided not to paint them completely... the fun part is there are so many ways to do this... different color paint, chalk, things to put inside them.   And it's just chalk!  You can erase and reuse many times, and you can put different sayings or pictures on either side of the bottles and then just turn them around for a a quick change!  I love the idea of using them on tables for a wedding/party with a number or saying on them.  You can also give them as gifts! Here's how mine turned out!


  1. Jolene!! These are sooo cute, keep the posts coming and thanks for joining the "easy peasy team!". What a cute style you have!!!! :) Love it!

  2. i love the chalkboard paint on the wine bottle! such a great idea!

  3. Great idea! I am throwing a bridal shower at a wine bar in a few weeks and I am using this idea! I'm going to put flowers in them that I made out of cupcake papers (we're having cupcakes at the shower, so I wanted to tie the decorations in with the wine and cupcakes). So excited about my weekend project this weekend (and an excuse to drink a few bottles of wine)!