24 January 2011

'Be Mine' Banner & "Flower Petal" Topiary

Told ya I had a few more Valentine Crafts to share! I still haven't finished all my V-day decor yet because I'm waiting for our new printer to get here to print off a few things but I will take a picture of the whole "mantel" when I get it down hopefully this week-- I know, I need to get a move on!

'Be Mine' Banner. 
I got me some wooden letters that I liked and painted a few and mod-podged a few with some scrapbook paper. Then I glued it onto some hot pink twine-like ribbon. I really like how it turned out and this will be used for years to come!

"Flower Petal" Topiary
 Remember that amazing heart wreath that I posted from eighteen25? Well, I stole this idea from them...kinda. I decided instead of making a wreath I would make a topiary and a few balls too. 
It is really easy to make: cut yourself some circles out of felt (you need more felt than you think so overstock---this took about 6 8x10 sheets), make them about the size of a standard sized cookie, and then fold in fourths. You can either attach by sticking a straight pin through the corner of the felt and into the Styrofoam ball or hot gluing it down (that's what I did). Don't lay them in a line, stagger them...it make it look better...FYI. Then I stuck a wooden rod into (actually did this before all the felt gluing), covered a tin can with some cute paper and placed the rod into the can and added a few little embellishments. Cute stuff!


  1. All your valentine decor is looking so cute! Good job! You're so good to decorate for every holiday!

  2. Adorable! Love them both!
    I started to make a topiary last night and ran out of the cupcake liners I was using. What stinks is, I was at Michaels just before I started it! I hope they have more of what I am using! lol
    Thanks for linking up!