07 December 2010

New stockings!

I was so excited to find a cute, cheap, easy and fast idea for stockings here http://www.remodelaholic.com/2009/12/knock-your-socks-off-homemade-christmas.html!! I found my sweaters at Goodwill for $3 each! The plain ones I'm still not sure about but I really like the striped ones. I think they turned out super cute! And they were very easy and fast! Yes mine are still just pinned to my mantle (don't mind the ugly fireplace) but I do plan to change that and make some loops for them to hang:)

I tried doing a cuff thing on this one but it didn't turn out very good. Wish I would have just done it the same as the others, but oh well.

This one looks kinda blue and white in the pic but it's really green. I just traced our old stockings to make the pattern. Anyway, I'm excited for our new stockings since the ones from the dollar store we were using before were pretty ugly!


  1. Knew if we bugged you enough we could get to post these!! And the blocks---you have the cutest stuff Tina and are so secretive about it!!! :) Thanks for sharing!!! Had fun seeing you today! Go CRAFTS!

  2. SUPER CUTE! you are just full of fun and cute ideas, share share share more often!! and you can invite me too you know..hehe!

  3. hello cute-ness! i love this idea:)