12 November 2010

Sew Saturday: Re-Vamp Your Curtains!

**Ha, hope we can all laugh at this...if I'm not super late, I'm early! Totally thought today was Saturday.* :)

I did these a while ago with my mother in law when she was in town, but finally remembered to post about it!
These are really easy, but take a bit of time and measuring.

Supplies: curtains of your choice and 1 yard fabric of you choice.

How to: Cut your fabric the length of the curtain and measure how wide you want it and cut that as well (I did these 14 inches wide). Iron down edges to create a seam, pin down onto the curtain making sure you keep the fabric level (we did this by using a measuring tape, setting it to 16 inches from the top and measuring every few inches across to make sure was all even), then sew along the edges--told you it was easy. The hardest part is making sure everything is level and doesn't pucker when you sew. Finished product:
They really do add a little "spice" to our living room.

Close up picture. You can place the fabric ANYWHERE on the curtain and pick out when this gets old and you want something new (I even thought of using an iron on and then sewing the seam but my mother in law said it might be nice to be able to pick out and change if I wanted). My mom has a few in her house where she actually cut the curtain and sewed fabric in between to adds length to the curtain. She added the fabric about 12 inches from the bottom of the curtain and that looks really cute too. 

Happy Sewing...and enjoy your Saturday!