29 November 2010

Ornament Christmas Wreath

Here's a simple, easy and cheap wreath for ya! I stole this idea from Meghanne who stole it from Pottery Barn. It cost me about $7 and took about 20 minutes to make! YAY!

Supplies: green wreath (you can get these CHEAP at a thrift store-got mine for $4-just strip of the old decor), ornaments of your choice (got mine at the dollar store-5 for $1! Walmart had some too). Fishing line or floral wire.
Sidenote: I tried the fishing line first but it kept breaking and it was hard to tie. So I used some floral wire that I had from pulling apart my 80's thrift store wreath. You could even use green twisty ties. I found this alot easier.

How to: This is soooo simple and very self-explanatory but I'll go ahead and tell ya...
group together as many ornaments as you like. I loved these ones from the dollar store because they were all glittery! I did clusters of 3 and then a few little random ones, you really can do it however you like. Loop the ornaments through the wire/fishing line and twist/tie around the back. That's really it. Add as much as you like! Simple and easy peasy!

Final product.

How it looks on the door! I REALLY like this alot and even the hubs said it looked great so that has to say something...

How's the holiday decorating coming along?


  1. Love it! I'm still trying to talk Josh into letting me buy the stuff to make this! It's so cute!

  2. Good thing I looked at blog I just about posted about it TODAY!! ironic....but looks good!
    i love mine too and i already had a wreath that I tore apart so it only cost me about oh 2 bucks!!! YAY for the cheap crafts!

  3. Tina, this is sooo cheap. It seriously cost me next to nothing! Make sure you mention that! And Meghanne that is soooo funny! You can post yours too!

  4. Very nice! Great job!

    Also, thanks for your sweet comment on my burlap table runner! I love how they came out!

    And... super cute blog! I'm a new follower and I would love for you to link up some of these adorable projects to my linky party on Thursdays! ;)

  5. Thanks Allison-love your blog as well! Hope the burlap runner was a hit for t-day! :)

  6. When the wreath has been out in the weather for a season or two and begins to look tacky, just spray the whole thing with silver or gold paint and it will look wonderful again!