23 October 2010

Sew Saturday: Throw Pillows

This week, I put together some pillows I've always wanted to make. I have some other projects lined up, like a massive Christmas quilt, but I have no motivation to start. So... I procrastinate spend my time making other things. Like pillows.

I found the tutorial for this one at one of my favorite quilting blogs, Cluck Cluck Sew. I have a lot of fabric scraps left over from my quilts, so this was a great way to use them. I bought the muslin at Wal-Mart.

 Just iron on the leaves how you want and sew around the edges. Really easy after you master pivoting around the corners.

And, the envelope back. Zippers scare me, so this is the perfect solution.

I found inspiration for this one here. I wish I had more of a variety of vintage buttons, but I still like it. I printed out the "S" from my computer in the font I liked, then just traced it onto the front panel of the pillow with wash out marker.

I attached the buttons using thread and an embroidery hoop. Make sure these are on nice and tight, especially if you have little ones around. Something I learned as I went was to not make individual knots for each button, just keep sewing until you run out of thread.

Once your buttons are attached, you can sew the panel to the back piece.

So that's it. They come together really quickly, and you can take them off too. I'm planning on making more tree slip covers for the larger pillow, then switching it seasonally.


  1. i love these pillows! the tree pillow is so cute. i think laura posted one like this that her mom did. great idea for scrap-using.

    bravo on the button pillow. i absolutely hate sewing a button. i am not good at it, and i always stick myself. that's awesome!

  2. I REALLY like these! I totally want to try them out!

  3. Mary, these are the cutest! My mom made me that tree pillow and its so cute. I think she got it from that same site. Cute stuff!