16 October 2010

Curtains, pillow cases, and candy corn

Here are my Sew Saturday projects: some simple pillow cases (I think the fabric is way cute)
and some super easy curtains. (Someday I'll get better at taking pictures of my crafts). I got the idea for the curtains here, but I whipped out the sewing machine and sewed mine. I was going to add a stenciled pattern, but I liked them just plain. Also, I got my flat sheet at Wal-mart for $4 and I only need one. I just cut it in half and hemmed and folded and sewed! Super easy...it took me less time than Ocean's Eleven (which was on during this project). :)
On a random non-sew saturday note, I had to try a candy corn wreath, too. I like how it turned out! (And this one took just longer than the Cosby Show).

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  1. Lauryl, you are hilarious! And who knew you were such a crafty sista! I love your post, your stuff is so cute!