16 September 2010


I had been wanting to decorate the letters of my little guy's name for a long time. I had originally painted the letters some crazy colors, but just didn't love it. Then I saw these from Laura's blog and had to steal the idea! I already had the little animals from another project I was going to do, but never accomplished. You can get them really cheap at craft stores or even wal-mart. I got the frames at the dollar store and the spray painted the devil out of both the frames and the letters. I covered the cardboard backing of the frames with fabric that I had and then used the hot glue gun to get everything together.
Close up.
Here's how they look in the little guy's room!
This was a super easy, quick project. The longest part was waiting for the spray paint to dry. Loved it!


  1. Oh my GOSH! This is the cutest!!! GREAT POST! I LOVE THIS! Awesome job! :) Just wonderful! I'm so inspired now!