20 September 2010

Glam Pumpkins!!

New twist for glam pumpkins!!  We used medium size pumpkins, rinse them off than take any color of
spray paint that you want (we used mettalic spray paint), spray and let dry. You can choose to spray
the stem of the pumpkin too, its super cute!
Supplies needed: spray paint, glitter, mettalic acrylic paint, any type of glue (that will dry clear)
 paintbrushes all sizes

Than let the inner child in you come out, pick any fun random design and go crazy with the
I'm a sucker for glitter. It was messy and we had it everywhere but they turned out super
and I love that we have a different kind of pumpkin! (Even the guys appreciated them)

Hope you get to try it out.  Its a fun project for everyone and even the kids could do
this just help them manage the glitter! Happy Fall

you can also use black or white spray paint than use white or black acrylic paint for the details

1 comment:

  1. Haha, I love these! I'm totally going to try this out when Halloween gets closer. Thanks for the idea!