21 September 2010

Embellished Headband Take 2?

So, the post below this one is was done by my cousin, Kelli (she a super duper crafty lady) and we must have been on the same brain-wave because I, too, have some embellished headbands to share. These are super simple, very easy! Here's how to make 'em:

I got some stretchy headbands (they have these everywhere, I got at Wal Mart-$4 for a pack of 5). I loved these colors and was pretty anxious to do something with these! Then, I got some velt from Hobby Lobby (4 for a buck...awesome). 

I cut out little swirly circles to make these little antique-like flowers. Make them any size you like but mine are probably the size of an Oreo (that's the only thing I could think of...ha). I then found a place on the headband, sewed it on with a few stitches and laced in a bead for the center. You could hot glue this as well and use any trinket for the center you like.
Last, I cut out some circles out of velt to glue to the back to give it a more finished look. I loved the way these turned and am even sending one to a friend for fun! These are my new craft of choice and I made all 4 in about 30 minutes. Have fun!

Oh yah,  I also made those paper pumpkins found under the "Cute Halloween Crafts" to the right. These were sooooooo easy and turned out super cute. 


  1. I guess you"ll need to get busy and have a little girl to wear those cute headbands :). I love the paper pumpkins. ummm..okay, andy's name is showing up, but this is from heather