18 September 2010

Easiest "Subway" Art Ever

Every craft blog I get onto has all these posts on Subway art. Well, I felt like I was missing out on something so when I was checking out Cre8tive Designs I saw that she had a link on how make your own word collage/Subway art called Wordle. It is super easy and really fun! You can just print directly from your home computer which is great. I made a collage for fall (I just typed in all the fall-like words I could think of. I upper-cased fall and autumn so they would stand out more). And even made a family name one for after this one wears its welcome. Here it how it turned out....

I found this frame at Office Depot on super clearance (it was $2). Its an 11x14 but it had the inner cardboard frame that I mod-podged with some scrapbook paper so your standard 8x10 paper should work great. This would be so easy to do with an old frame you have laying around. This craft cost me about $3.

*About Wordle-you kinda have to mess around with it til you get what you want. There is a way to make words bigger or smaller but I couldn't figure it out. If you do, let us know! Also, you can change the word design and color up at the toolbar (I didn't notice this for a while) and you can add in color codes to get the exact colors you want. Its really great and I bet you can use this for loads of projects and gifts! Have fun!

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